Kevin Douglas Limbaugh

On January 10th, 2019 Kevin Douglas Limbaugh was killed by police at.
Incident ID 40176
Original Source(s)
Date Created Jan 18th, 2019
Date Updated Jan 18th, 2019
Age 49
Gender Male
Race European-American/White
Incident Location
Address 501 E St.
City Davis
State CA
County Yolo
Incident Details
Date January 10th, 2019
Victim Armed? -
Weapon -
Cause of Death Gunshot
Name -
Agency -
Kevin Douglas Limbaugh shot and killed Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona then shot up a neighborhood and walked home and committed suicide as police closed in. He left a note that read, "The Davis Police department has been hitting me with ultrasonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking. I notified the press, internal affairs, and even the FBI about it. I am highly sensitive to its affect (sic) on my inner ear. I did my best to appease them, but they have continued for years and I can't live this way anymore."

Officer Natalie Corona killing: Gunman was ordered to surrender rifle